How can I ask my question?

On the Online-Help page you can write your question in the blank form directly or you can copy-paste your question from a text program into the blank form.

In the field “your nick name”, you can use a nickname that no-one else knows.

When will I get an answer?

The answer to your first request will be send within a maximum of 3 days. In case of technical problems, the delay may exceptionally be longer.

If a regular contact is established, you will usually get your answer within 7 to 10 days.

How can I read the response?

Visit the Online-Help page and log in with your nickname (login name) and your unique code of your question number. Then you will have access to your answer.

If the response is not yet online you will see the following message “No response available at this moment". You will have to be a little patient and try later on and as often as you like.

In case of problems?

If you have forgotten your nickname or your unique code, you need to do a new request with your details and re-explain the subject of your request.

It might be useful to note your nickname and your question number, so that you can view your reply.