It can happen at school, on the bus, at your sport club, online on the internet.

Someone could be pushing you around, hitting you, teasing you, saying bad things about you or insulting you. It’s not just a one-off argument that you could have with other people, it’s a real issue which happens over a longer period of time.

Bullying or intimidation can happen in lots of ways:

  • Being called names or insulted
  • Being teased
  • Being the victim of gossiping or rumours
  • Being intimidated
  • Being pushed around
  • Getting beaten up
  • Being threatened
  • Having money extorted from you
  • Receiving insulting text messages

It can happen in the playground at school or on the internet.

Victims of bullying or intimidation often have trouble speaking about it: they believe it is their fault or they feel there is nothing they can do about it. It’s true that victims are often helpless when faced with the cruelty of their bullies and if witnesses do not step in to help.

No-one has the right to hurt you or hassle you!

If you are being bullied or intimidated, it is important not to keep it to yourself. Try to find someone to talk to or someone to protect you.