logotypobee a alt-coul Kanner-Jugend phone is present on the Internet since 2002, including its Online-Help service which young people can use to write to us directly.

Since then the Internet has seen quite some development: Not only being a source of information but today also a good communication tool to discuss everyday matters and this, for a steadily growing number of people. However Young people for whom, Internet has become their preferred way of communication, and adults are not always aware of the risks they take whilst using it.

Since 2006, the Kanner-Jugend phone cooperates actively together with the “awareness-center” whose aim it is to create awareness as well as to inform people about the great potential offered by this technology as well as informing them on safe practices using it.In 2010, the former awareness-centre LuSI-Luxembourg Safer Internet changed its name and statuses to become BEE SECURE.

The stopline logo kleinbeing directed by the KJT dedicates itself to fight against the proliferation of sexual child abuse on the Internet. BEE SECURE Stopline provides all Internet users the chance to highlight this anonymously.



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