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From an adult perspective it is sometimes easy to forget how stressful going back to school can be for children and teenagers. We might look back nostalgically at a time in our youth when we felt freer from adult responsibilities, enjoyed spending more time with our friends, and learning new things. At the same time we might also remember our own childhood experiences of struggling to fit in, wanting to be accepted and maybe finding school hard.

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With only weeks to go until the end of the long school year most children are looking forward to the Summer break, but for some children especially in the International community, this will mean a ‘break up ‘ of a different kind.

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In Luxembourg, like many of it’s bordering countries, alcohol is used widely and is present at nearly all occasions from family celebrations at birth to school fêtes and business lunches to retirement parties. It is a socially acceptable drug that most people consider to be fairly harmless despite restrictions for it’s selling and consumption for children under the age of 16 years old.

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It can start with an innocent comment on a child’s ‘puppy fat’ or the changing body of a pre-adolescent, or after a short illness when a teenager might feel more noticed for having lost weight, or simply because we still live in a society immersed in images of healthy, sexy, thin people.

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Some moments of sadness, moodiness and even feelings of helplessness are as common for children, especially for adolescents, as they are for adults. But when should a parent or adult who cares for young people start to be concerned?

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The Internet has changed the world over the last decades: It has democratized the access to information and it has basically changed our communication habits.