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 On Wednesday 28.11.2018 KJT invited to their press conference and officially launched the BOD campaign.
Barbara Gorges-Wagner, manager of the Kanner-Jugendtelefon welcomed the participants of the press conference. She emphasised the necessity of making the number 1 1 6 1 1 1 well-known in public. Children and youngsters can only resort to the number if they know them.

Begin of the BOD-Campaign – a retrospect

In ordert o make the English speaking Online Help well-know in 2017, the idea of a cartoon figure had been created. The artist, Simon Taylor-Kielty, developed BOD together with the Publicity Team of the KJT. In 2017, KJT published monthly post cards with BOD in relation to diverse topics of children and youngsters. Many volunteered hours have been invested in this. A seamstress picked the idea of the cards up and sewed BOD as worry eater doll. Thus it was present three dimensionally. The cartoon figure BOD became part of publicity work more and more. The effect of BOD on children and youngsters was very positive.

That’s how the idea of introducing BOD as Kanner-Jugendtelefon’s mascot had been born, as an identification figure for KJT, and as support and implementation of the vision, that all children and youngsters in Luxembourg are familiar with the number 116111. In the context of the press conference, Kanner-Jugendtelefon presented BOD to the public as their mascot for the first time.
The mascot BOD adorns the new poster and is the main actor in the new Kanner-Jugendtelefon video. The new poster, developed by Farshad Afsharimehr, as well as the video, have been introduced during the press conference. BOD as cartoon figure will be present on social media and KJT’s homepage.

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The mascot BOD has been reproduced as “worry eater doll” and will be employed in the context of a validated praxis orientated training for educators, who work with children from 9-12 years, that has been especially developed: “Children have worries too – BOD helps: How to talks about fears and worries with children?”

Pedagogues encounter children’s smaller and bigger worries now and then. Many children that are burdened by a difficult situation within their family or their friends often don’t talk with grown-ups about what preoccupies them. Many surveys suggest that it is difficult for children to talk to grown-ups about their feelings. Some feelings might be difficult to put into words or they are tabooed. The doll BOD, mascot of the KJT, is adorable and likeable, helps talking about worries and feelings. You can tell her things, that you don’t dare talk about otherwise. BOD is placed in the centre of communication about emotions. Thus, the doll BOD is a help and support to make contact for everyone who works pedagogically. Each child will be familiarised with the number 116111 in the context of the training.

The goal of the KJT is that BOD will be implemented in every constitution. Two trainings have been held successfully during a pilot stage. What pleased most, is that the participant had practical tools at their hands to work with children after the training. The training allows to pick up the field of action of emotions and social skills. The balance between theory and practice was a fit.
The Kanner-Jugendtelefon trains more trainers in order to respond to the training demand; trainings for all supporting organisations of “Maison Relais” are planned. The training will initially be offered via the educational institues Caritas, FEDAS and IFEN.

Those who want to get to know BOD, can meet him at the Christmas Market in Luxembourg city center at the “roude Pëtz” this Sunday, 2.12.2018. The ambassadors of the KJT will be there too.
BOD is the new mascot of the Kanner-Jugendtelefon and we are convinced that it will contribute to making the number 1 1 6 1 1 1 well-known. No child, no youngster and no parent in Luxembourg should be left alone with their worries, problems or question.


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