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You are a parent and your child wishes for a mobile phone?
This phone should of course be web-enabled – because kids want to play on it, surf in the world wide web and chat with their friends.
“But which dangers should we be aware of?” you might ask yourself.


“Is it responsible to give a mobile phone as a gift?”
“Which is the right age for a child’s first smartphone?”
“Which security settings are helpful?”
“Which games are possible and make sense?”
“How much time should my child spend on social networks with friends?”
“Should there be a time out on the phone?”

All this and more might occupy you.

Just as you teach your child to look left, right and left again before crossing the street, to make sure that there is no danger by an approaching car, you accompany and help your child with discovering and getting to know the online world. You show your child the funny possibilities, e.g. online games, you explain existing dangers to your child, e.g. scams, and so you support your child in becoming an independent and self-protecting smartphone and internet user.
“But I am not so sure about it myself!” you might think while reading this and you wish for someone you can ask easily and directly, in order to feel confident in the attendance and support of your child.

The BEE SECURE Helpline is there for exactly those questions. BEE SECURE sensitises citizens to a safe use of information and communication technologies and offers information as well as counsel. Each citizen of every age can turn to us with their questions about security and handling online as well as digital media.
The BEE SECURE Helpline is a first contact point for all questions about the internet. The calls are held under the principles of anonymity and confidence. That means no caller has to tell their name and all content of the call will be treated confidentially.
Topics that regularly arise on the BEE SECURE Helpline are, e.g.:

• Cybermobbing
• Online scam
• Social networks
• Privacy
• Data protection
• Technical security
• Settings suitable for children
• Ransomware
and many more!

How does the BEE SECURE Helpline work?
You can call every day from Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. The calls are free. You ask your questions, explain the situation, describe the problem and together we look for individual answers. We will inform you about who to contact for further support as needed.

Please feel free to inform your friends and other families about the “BEE SECURE Helpline” offer.
It’s nice when you, as a parent, actively accompany your child into the digital world, protect it and support it.
Numbers show that the BEE SECURE Helpline is a willingly used contact point for questions concerning the topic of security on the internet and the use of digital media.
Don’t hesitate to call us when you have questions or worries.

The team of the BEE SECURE Helpline is there for you.