It is not unusual for families to argue or quarrel, and adults certainly do not always agree amongst themselves.

Parents may argue more or less violently, they can ignore each other and not speak at all, or they can shout and swear at each other. Adults sometimes end up hitting each other.

When parents argue, it is often very unpleasant for their children, but can also be extremely frightening. When parents shout at each other or even hit each other, children may feel all sorts of things:

They can

  • feel that they are in danger
  • be frightened
  • be worried that they will have to take sides
  • be afraid that their parents no longer love them
  • be afraid that someone is going to get hurt
  • fear that their parent is going to get angry with them as well

What to do if your parents’ arguments frighten you?

If an argument between your parents has upset you, you can talk to them about your feelings and how you felt seeing them fighting. Sometimes, when parents fight, they forget that it can shock their children. If you tell them how you feel, they might stop fighting or at least tell you why they are quarrelling.

If your parents’ argument becomes really bad and violent, the most important thing to do could be to find a safe place. It might be best to go somewhere else in the house where you can shut the door and find something to do until the fight is over.

Is there someone near you who can help you to feel a bit safer? Maybe you could call a grand-parent or a relative you trust. You can also call 116 111 where you can talk to an adult who will listen to you.