Using the Internet is a brilliant way to get information, to have fun, to present oneself and to communicate with others.

It is a complex world, though, with no rules and no limits. It is not always easy to understand where you are and where you’re going.

As a rough guide, here are some ideas which might help you to keep safe when you use the Internet:

Unpleasant encounters
If you encounter something shocking or frightening on the Internet, close the window or shut down the computer.

User names
Never use your real name in on-line discussions.

Personal details
Never give personal details like your name, telephone number, date of birth or address.

Be extremely careful with emails from people you don’t know. Never open attachments and never click on links in such emails. Discard suspect emails!

Use a good password and keep it secret!

Your own site?
If you set up your own site or profile on a social network, tell your parents or someone who can help and advise you.

Watch out with photos!
Be careful with photos. For your profile use a photo which does not make you totally recognizable: your friends will recognize you if you present yourself in the form of your mascot or wearing big sunglasses!

If you’ve had a bad experience on the internet, tell an adult. You can also call 116 111,
or, for any more technical question, the BEE SECURE Helpline on 26 64 05 44

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