Kanner-Jugendtelefon, Children and Youth helpline and Online Help


The Kanner-Jugendtelefon is primarily a hotline for supporting children and young people.

You can contact a Kanner-Jugendtelefon counsellor anonymously via voice call or via mail if preferred.

The counsellor will listen to you and is aware of the problems you might be worried about. Counsellors will not solve children’s problems or tell them what to do. They offer a confidential space to talk and will always try to help the children to find themselves answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.



Education and training of the volunteered counsellors


All KaJuTel counsellors are trained staff and volunteers who all have experience of listening and talking to children and young people.

The education and training is of course key, and aims at developing professional competences, knowledge, but also personal skills. Since 1992, more than 150 persons have completed successfully the training at the KaJuTel.





Family members or persons closely linked to children took the opportunity to talk and ask questions to KaJuTel counsellors since its creation. This brought us in 2008, to set up a dedicated number for parents to talk safely about anything they need to.



Safer Internet for kids, youth and families


In family life, and more in the socialization of young people, internet and new technologies have taken a more important place in recent years. KaJuTel helps children, adolescents, parents, teachers and educators to use these high-performance instruments wisely, without putting themselves in danger. To achieve this, KaJuTel is partner in awareness raising initiatives about Safer Internet: first in the LuSI project - Luxembourg Safer Internet and from November 2010 in the SECURE BEE initiative. To raise awareness for the different target groups about the potential risks online, the KaJuTel is involved in awareness raising workshops for young people in primary schools, high schools, relays houses and youth centers. Besides the KaJuTel also gives lectures for parents and trainings for teachers and educators. As part of BEE SECURE, KaJuTel operates the BEE SECURE HELPLINE which advises and counsels children, youth, parents, teachers and educators on all issues concerning the proper use of new technologies.


Fight against the increasing and spreading of child sexual abuse contents


One of the darkest chapters of the Internet is the propagation of child sexual abuse material, called sometimes child pornography.

Since 2008 the KaJuTel operates the LISA Stopline in the fight against such content. Today to include the hotline service in the BEE SECURE activities, it is called BEE SECURE Stopline. Via its website stopline.bee-secure.lu, the BEE SECURE Stopline allows every Internet user to report anonymously potential content encountered online.