The Kanner-Jugendtelefon (children and young persons’ helpline) can be used by anyone, over the internet or by telephone:

  • boy or girl
  • young or not so young
  • child or parent
  • friend or neighbour
  • to ask a simple question
  • in a crisis situation ...
  • ... where children’s or adolescents’ problems are involved, we will find someone who is open and available to write or talk to the person concerned.

Essential principles governing our work:

No-one who turns to us has to give his or her name, address or other details which might reveal his or her identity.
Similarly our volunteers will remain anonymous.

A few technical details regarding the various ways of entering into contact with the KJT :

  • A call to 116111: a free, anonymous number.
  • Online-Help: anonymity of the user is ensured.
  • Messages sent to "Contact" will reveal the user’s e-mail address.

People working for KJT are under a duty of confidentiality, and absolutely no information will be divulged to anyone at all.

No intervention:
The KJT is a listening and guidance service. Our task is not to intervene in situations we are told about. It is up to the caller, or user, to decide what steps he or she wishes to take after contacting us. We will support him or her in the search for a solution suited to the situation and the various options open, and, if necessary, we will direct him or her to the appropriate services.

We don’t have an answer to every question, or a solution to every problem. We are, though, open to every sort of request and type of subject-matter and we are absolutely sure that it is always worth talking things over.

We will treat the personality and life experience of any person who turns to us with respect.

We will treat the philosophical, religious and political views of callers and users with respect.

Kanner-Jugendtelefon is a member of the CHI – Child Helpline International
Child Helpline International is the world-wide network of helplines for children, working for the protection of the rights of the child.

The network has members in 143 countries.